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Board Members

Alison Brody - Attorney, Yale University


Peyton Chapman - Principal, Lincoln High School


Wesley Shin - Chair, Zoe Hospital in Malawi, Africa

Senior Advisors

Elliot Shin // Founder

Elliot is a Freshman at Stanford University and studies the oboe with the Oregon Symphony assistant principal Ms. Karen Wagner. He volunteers as a clarinet assistant instructor at Bravo Youth Orchestra, which follows the El Sistema, providing a free music program for students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. Elliot is looking forward to working with students of refugees and especially excited to teach and share Iraqi folk songs. His favorite composer is Kenji Bunch. He also started a local chapter for LiNK, Liberty in North Korea, which is a nonprofit organization that helps North Koreans escape and start better lives. Currently, Elliot is working together with his brother, Wesley to build a Medical Center in Lilongwe, Malawi which is projected to finish in the fall of 2020. In his free time, Elliot likes spending time backpacking, hiking, and fishing.
Lauren yoon // piano

Lauren Yoon is currently getting her Master's Degree at Peabody Institute of John's Hopkins University, majoring in Piano Performance. Her favorite composer is Chopin. With music, she wants to heal heartaches and touch lost souls. Lauren and her two sisters, Taylor & Ashley Yoon, have been performing together as the Yoon Trio giving benefit concerts since they were in elementary school. 
Wesley shin // clarinet

Wesley Shin is the board chair of OLIVENBAUM. He is a researcher at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Currently, he is leading a project to build ZOE Medical Center in Lilongwe, Malawi. His favorite composers are Brahms and Tchaikovsky, but he also loves the Beatles and Pink Martini.
Aaron Greene.jpg
Aaron green // violin

Aaron Green is in his third year at Stanford University. He has been playing the violin at the age of eight. He is currently a member of Stanford University Orchestra. His favorite composer is Chopin. He believes that the music is about expressing a composer's genius and a performer's emotions. 

rachel oh // cello

Rachel Oh is a junior at University of Portland. She has been playing her cello for 7 years. Her favorite composer is Rachmaninoff. Apart from playing cello, she enjoys singing, painting and hanging out with friends. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.41.20

Ellie Chang is a 18-year-old junior at Princeton University. Ellie began violin when she was 4 years old and started viola three years ago. Her favorite composer is Camille Saint-Saëns.  Outside of music, Ellie does ballet, debate, and robotics. In her free time, she enjoys reading and hanging out with friends.

symphony koss // violin

Symphony Koss is a 20-year-old sophomore at Stanford University. She began studying violin at the age of 3. Her favorite composer is Tchaikovsky. In her free time, she loves to read, run, bake, venture in Portland and paint.


Catherine Youn is a sophomore at NYU Steinhardt. Her favorite composer is Liszt and her favorite piece is Totentanz. She loves Liszt because his music can be beautiful and peaceful but suddenly become lively and exciting. She also loves to make ceramic projects out of clay!. 


David Han is a junior attending the University of Portland. Since he has moved around quite often, the only eternal companion he had was music in which he felt hope and beauty no matter where he was. His favorite composers are Ravel and Rachmaninoff.

Taylor Yoon // CELLO
I am 18 years old and attend Eastman School of Music. I have been playing cello since I was 5 years old. I have currently started my 13th year of studying with Mr. Kenneth Finch, who is a current member of the Oregon Symphony. I have been a member of Portland Youth Philharmonic since age 8 and I have learned to be a better musician as well as a better person. My favorite composer is Debussy.  Through OLIVENBAUM, I hope to connect with people and share my love for music so that they would also experience the beauty of music and find their peace. 
HAILEY KANG // cello

Hailey Kang is a 18-year-old Sophomore at UCLA. She plays cello as a soloist as well as in an orchestra. Hailey loves playing music, and teaching is an opportunity for her to provide the same experiences for others. Some of her hobbies are playing golf, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering at church. .  
June Ho Oh // Guitar

June Ho Oh is a sophomore at University of Washington. He taught ukulele and guitar at OLIVENBAUM for three years. He was also a guitarist and a vocalist in the Eden Presbyterian Church youth group praise team. June Ho played piano and flute since the age of eight. Outside of music, he is a Tae Kwon Do athlete and competed in State and National Championships.  Some of his hobbies are listening to music, spending time with friends, and watching movies
Erwin Kim // french horn
Erwin Kim is sophomore at Columbia University. He is a French hornist and violinist, and also pursues solo literature under the study of John Cox (horn) and Dr. Shin-Young Kwon (violin). Erwin has attended Portland Summer Ensembles and Interlochen Arts Camp. Aside from music, Erwin is a part of his school's baseball program and runs cross-country. In his free time, Erwin can be seen doing Constitution Club, playing jazz music, and being involved within his community.
JAY CHOI // Viola
My name is Jay Choi and I am currently a senior at Clackamas High School. I have played the viola for 5 years and am currently studying under Brian Quincey. This year will be my third season in PYP. For me, music is a way to meet others. Through music, I have met my closest friends. By joining Olivenbaum, I hope to reach out and give others the same opportunities I was lucky enough to have.
GRACE OH // Instructor // Media Specialist
Grace Oh is a senior at St. Stephens Academy. She has been playing the violin for 8 years and studies with Hae-Jin Kim. She is in her fourth season as a member of the PYP organization and has played in various ensemble festivals. She has performed on stage with the Pink Martini in 2015 and her favorite composer is Tchaikovsky. She has played in her school’s quartet for four years and plays for her church. Her hobbies are sketching/drawing which she won a silver key in the Scholastic Art Award in 2017 and an honorable mention in submitting artwork in the Dog Show Contest, singing in the school choir, and hanging out with friends. ​

My name is Ashley Yoon, and I am a Freshman at Chapman University. I have been playing violin for 12 years and have been studying with Carol Sindell since the second grade. Music is a necessity in my life. I listen to music anytime to relieve any stress, and to connect with my friends. Playing in OLIVENBAUM is an amazing experience for me because I can play music to promote peace and unity. OLIVENBAUM benefits people of all ages, being a crucial source of the unstoppable power of music.
christine youn // Education 
My name is Christine Youn and I am a 17-year-old Senior at Lake Oswego High School. My favorite composer is Bach because his works are calming and beautiful. I would like to help and contribute to the peace and unification of the country through OLIVENBAUM. I like to hang out with my friends and take pictures of nature in my downtime.  
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