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Arabic Lessons

ARABIC - العربية

 ARABIC - العربية is a Semitic language estimated to be spoken by over 400 million people. Representing a large area including North Africa, most of the Arabian Peninsula, and other parts of the Middle East, it is the 5th most spoken language in the world and the official language for 28 countries. 
There are 3 different forms of the Arabic language: Classic, Modern and Colloquial (Dialect). Classical Arabic is commonly used in literature and writing. Modern Arabic فصحى is the "official" Arabic used in government and taught in schools. It is the standard form of Arabic that nearly all native speakers understand. Colloquial Arabic is informal and used to communicate daily. There are dozens of Colloquial Arabic dialects, but the most popular ones are Egyptian, Hassania, Levantine, Meghrebi,
Mesopotamian, Sudanese, Yemini, and Iraqi. 
You will get a chance to learn Arabic from people living in the Arabic States, and we hope you will find lasting Sadaqa - صداقة  (Friendship) along the way.
Sadaqa - صداقة is an Arabic word for
If you would like to build friendships and learn to speak Arabic with a teacher from the Arabic World, please contact
Wasan Alababbasi
Elliot Shin
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