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A Huge Thanks...

Ms. Sarah Kwak, the concertmaster of the Oregon Symphony, graciously volunteered her time over Spring Break to help coach one of our ensembles. This ensemble, Presto, learned an invaluable amount from Ms. Kwak on the Hadyn String Quartet Op 76, No. 5 and the Mozart Quintet for Oboe and Strings, K406a.

Rehearsing the Mozart Oboe Quintet with Ms. Kwak

Additionally, many thanks to Ms. Carol Sindell and Mr. Hamilton Cheifetz for their time and effort coaching our various ensembles. All of our groups learned so much from them—we don't know what we would do without their help!

Rehearsing Gershwin's "Lullaby For Strings" with Ms. Carol

We look forward to performing at our Spring Concert after receiving wonderful guidance from our coaches!

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