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Awarded the Certification of Excellence!

Today, we had the opportunity to play for The National Unification Advisory Council of Republic of Korea at the Embassy Suites. The conference was held on the theme of the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Performance and the pathway to peace on the Korean Peninsula. The council leaders went into the details of what the Portland branch is currently doing to promote unity and the importance the branch's actions to unification in Korea. Guest speaker, Dr. Cho Bong-Hyun, deputy director of the IBK Economic Research Institute and the head of the North Korean Economic Research Center, spoke about the possibility of peace on the peninsula, and how it can be achieved starting with economic unification. Olivenbaum played music for their reception and performed a few Korean folk tunes during their program. In addition to having this wonderful opportunity to attend the meeting, the council awarded our musicians with the Certification of Excellence for our work promoting peace and reunification. Enjoy the pictures below!

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