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Welcoming Ola Khalid!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new Olivenbaum member, Ola Khalid!

Ola is now 22 years old and a graduate from dental school. She currently works in a clinic, and absolutely loves her job. Despite these triumphs, Ola has, and continues to suffer through an incredible journey.

Ola was born in Baghdad, Iraq. Her youth was filled with struggle; in 2003, her home country was colonized and taken over by terrorists. She escaped to Syria, and returned to Iraq 3 years later. This would only be the beginning of many challenges - her school's principal was killed soon after her return to Iraq. Along with that, many children were kidnapped; this left her, among her fellow students, with no access to education for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, Ola's father was among the victims who had their lives taken over the course of terrorist occupation. Ola escaped again, this time to Samarra in 2007, and was finally able to continue her studies.

Life in Iraq was, and is incredibly difficult, but Ola has relentless strength, resilience, and hope for the future. Despite the hardships that terrorism, war, and crime have put Ola through, she has pushed through and created incredible achievement that seem impossible to many.

What Ola would like from us? Simply our support and encouragement.

Welcome to Olivenbaum, Ola!

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