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Musicians & Staff

Wasan alabbasi // arabic translator, liaison
Wasan is a college student at Portland Community College. She is a refugee from Iraq and now lives in Beaverton. She is an activist and loves to help people.
Matthew is a 15-year old freshman at Oregon Episcopal School. A violinist since age 5, Matthew developed an appreciation for the deeper sound of the viola two years ago an hasn't looked back since. He currently studies viola with Brian Quincey and has been a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic organization for three years. When not planing viola, Matthew enjoys competitive golf and basketball.
Joseph folick // clarinet
Twenty-one-old Joseph Folwick began clarinet at age ten at Gilbert Heights Elementary School. At age fourteen he began his private studies with Dunja Jennings Marcum and at the same time participated in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony. He would later win the Young Musician and Artist concerto competition as well as the Metropolitan Youth Symphony concerto competition. In 2016, he would be recognized as the winner of the OMEA state solo competition. In 2017 he would be selected as principal clarinet for the Oregon All-State Symphony Orchestra and the NAfME All-Northwest Symphony Orchestra.
Abigail Kim // Instructor //oboe
Abigail Kim, a junior attending Central Catholic High School, has been playing the oboe for seven years and has been studying the oboe with Karen Wagner. She has been a part of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony as a co-principal. She has attended Interlochen Arts Camp. When she is not playing the oboe, she enjoys spending time running for cross country and track, playing competitive volleyball, or playing the piano. She is an active member of the National Charity League for helping others in the community. She is a unique person who is adept in many aspects of music, art, and academics.
PAUL LEE // Instructor // VIOLIN
Paul Lee, 17, is a junior at Aloha High School. I have played both the piano and the violin for 9 years. I study with Paula Watt with the piano and Andrea Hawkins with the violin. I have been a member of the Portland Youth Pillaharmic association for 6 years. I enjoy playing music along with my brother for seniors and at my church. Music is not only a good way to help unite and reach out to people, but especially for me it’s a strong tool to glorify God and bless others.  My hobbies include basketball, hiking, camping, being with friends and family, and listening to music.
Timothy LEE // Instructor // VIOLIN
My name is Timothy Lee and I am a sophomore at Aloha High School. I have been playing the violin for 9 years and I currently study with Andrea Hawkins. I have also been playing the piano for 7 years. Over the years, music has been a blessing in my life because I have been able to join the Portland Youth Philharmonic, serve at my church, and help others with my piano accompaniment. After having been doing homeschooling for 5 years, I have been enjoying public school life since last year. Some of my hobbies include reading and playing sports.
Support Staff // Tutors
 Julia Hariri
Becca Zuckerman
Kylla LaFleur
Dana Smiley
Addison Taylor
Caroline Gomez
Chloe Coletti
Anna Miller
Dalida Farhat
Sasha Tukhnova
Elyse Nah
Adam Cho
Sunghoon Ryan Kim
Jinje Jung
Joseph Cho
Zahraa Alzaidi
Yusif Hassan
Nawar Samarra
Baseem Albasrawy
Alhamza Alabbasi
Elliot Risch
Tucker Davis
Sophia Farhan
Ainsley Law
Indra Phire
Katlyn Kenney
Elle Hughes
Chloe Maggie
Avery Hutchins
Dalida Farhat
Julie Chae
Justin Shim
Chad Choi
Andee Koo
Ali Alzaidi
Ahmed Hassan
Gufran Alzaidi
Nebaa Aldebi
Nawara Ehsan
Mohanad Al Ababbasi
Harris Kim
Matthew Lee Noho
Sebastian Kinzie
Xander Levine
Carmez Linego
Hailey Dunst
Karine Hariri
Claire Reynolds
Emma Richardson
Christopher Lambert
Anina Gaudio
Jack Schlechter
Hailey Dunst
Jack Robertson
Forqan Mothana
Ola Ahmed
Maha Alhajwal
Gina Mohareb
Muhamad Emad
Suna Alabbasi
Juliet Cabraja
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